Monday | July 24, 2017
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Your Views for November 29

FOX merely reports

I have the utmost respect and praise for Mr. Bill O’Reilly, especially in his manner and style of reporting. He is unafraid of telling it like it is. ... He separates fact from fiction, abhors excuses and does not allow any spinning or skirting around himself or the issues.

If Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are fanatic hosts, as stated in Carmine Spada’s letter of Nov. 20, what does that make Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper, Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Piers Morgan and Wolf Blitzer, among others, all of whom never have anything decent to say about anyone affiliated with the Fox network?

Being transfixed to one TV channel and news source narrows one’s outlook of the larger picture, inhibits knowledgeability and stifles the thinking process. You may not relish the idea of bending or lending your ear to the opposition, but just think of it as being “fair and balanced,” a most honorable consideration that very few are capable of doing.

Mr. O’Reilly does come on at times as being abrasive to some, but most informative to others. Whatever your opinion or feeling about the Fox family of hosts, bear in mind that they merely report, and you decide.

McWarren J. Mehau

Mountain View

The next council

We have a new County Council ready to take the oath of office on Dec. 3. Population densities have shifted, and the 2011 redistricting has changed the dynamics and balanced out our island’s political districts.

This council has a different personality; there has been a paradigm shift. On Nov. 11, all nine newly elected council members met to get to know each other better and determine the chairman, vice-chair and committee chairs.

Members chose committees that suited their strengths and interests. This new council was seeking balance.

In the summer of 2013, Hokulea, Hawaii’s traditional double-hull sailing canoe, will embark on a four-year worldwide voyage. The crew will navigate by the stars, as the ancient Polynesians did. They will use the lessons learned aboard the canoe — to live and work together within limited space and with limited resources — as a metaphor for sustainability.

The newly elected council members are also about to embark on a journey and have committed to work together, as leaders, with the belief that we can bring fair and balanced government to our island and to make sure our communities are healthy and safe.

Karen Eoff

Council member elect

District 8, North Kona


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