Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for November 4

Be safe than sorry

I live in Nanawale Estates. I would like to give my perspective of the events surrounding the tsunami warning issued for the whole State of Hawaii on Saturday, Oct. 27.

A tsunami warning is the highest alert issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, meaning that a tsunami is evident. Approximately at 8 p.m., I phoned 911 twice and I asked why they were not sounding the sirens and they told me that just because there is a warning they are not going to sound them based on that. They did not have an estimated wave height, and until then, they were not going to alert anyone.

I also called the after-hours line for Hawaii Civil Defense only to discover that it was the nonemergency number to Hilo Police Department’s dispatch. They were not interested.

This provoked me to call the KGMB newsroom to notify them that Hilo was not sounding their sirens. Reports on the news stated some sirens in parts of the Hilo were not working. Then sirens sounded around 9 p.m.

I am skeptical whether or not the sirens weren’t working, or did the Hawaii County Civil Defense sound the sirens until the last minute? County official are elected to work for the greater good of the people within their communities, not to save money over lives.

Overall, the wave heights were overestimated and no one got hurt nor was there any major damage. Do we really want to call Mother Nature’s bluff?

If Civil Defense uses another stall tactic for the next tsunami warning, more money will be lost to lawsuits than running the necessary procedures when the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issues that warning. It was a warning, not a watch, nor a drill. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Melissa Morris


Vote for Romney

Charlotte Phillips writes as if the president is speaking through her (Your Views, Oct. 27). These are the same old false statements that President Obama has used over and over again. I know them by rote. These are old false statements to detract from his failures with the economy and foreign affairs.

After the debates, Americans are waking up to the fact that what has been portrayed by President Obama and his political hacks are not true. Continued use of these false statement has done the president more damage than good as seen by the rise of Romney in the polls.

Although women’s health is a very import subject, it is not the real issue facing women. Women are interested in jobs and the economy. More than 3 million more women have fallen into poverty during the past few years. Women have been disproportionately hurt during this economic downturn. They are interested in good paying jobs to support themselves and their families.

I agree with Charlotte that President Obama has our backs. That is where he is leading from. A good example is the debacle in Benghazi.

Charlotte states that Romney is willing to rape our great nation by irresponsible fracking, offshore drilling and pipelines. A little fact-checking will show you that all of these are being done under the present administration. It is a ridiculous charge that Republicans want dirty water and air for our children. Would any reasonable thinking person believe that Mr. Romeny with a bus load of grandchildren want dirty water and air for them? Mr. Romney will be a champion for clean energy.

He will not waste taxpayers’ money on companies like Solyndra, Ener 1, Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Amonix Solar, Sepectra Watt and others supported by the the president and have now gone bankrupt.

Mr. Romeny wants all Americans to have good-paying jobs (including women). He will guide us toward clean air, water, infrastructure upgrade, inexpensive fuel (not the doubling of gas prices that has transpired under the present administration), good roads and expanded transportation. He will slow down the amount that we go into debt each year. This will be a definite contrast to our $5 trillion we have accumulated in debt during the past four years.

Good-paying jobs for everyone is the path to prosperity and it is the path toward less borrowing. This is where Mr. Romney will lead us.

President Obama will continue borrowing and put our great nation at greater risk. Yes, the choice is clear for 2012.

Vernon King



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