Sunday | May 29, 2016
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Your Views for November 5

Oppose Bill 113

Passing Bill 113 before having a committee of experts examine the issues is ridiculous. The bill’s authors have fallen victim to the very vocal, well-funded, slick, anti-GMO activist propaganda of fear and junk science.

The precautionary principal which is touted as the reason for the rush to pass this has a very real and costly corollary. How can this council vote for something based on “the unknowns” when the risk of being killed by a meteor is much more likely than from GMOs?

The risks of passing Bill 113 will be as follows: There are over 4,600 farms throughout the state which produce over a half a billion dollars in crop revenue each year, while there are only 93 certified organic farms producing only $7.47 million in crop revenue (NASS studies 2007 and 2011). Bill 113 is an example of special interest legislation that protects only 2 percent of the farming community which produces only 1.5 percent of crops grown in this state. Why do they get “special” treatment?! How come they don’t have to pay and register?

The USDA places the burden of mitigation onto the certified organic farmer, NOT the rest of us. The organic farmers need to grow their crops in a greenhouse, not the rest of us putting food on your tables.

The “rubbah slippah” folk will pay 20 percent more for their food. We will also pay for registration, enforcement, and the many lawsuits which WILL follow.

Kim N. Kozuma


Call it ‘gaywed’

Same-sex marriage: This phrase, in my opinion, is an oxymoron. Definition of oxymoron: “an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect.”

The proponents of same-sex marriage need to choose another term. How about “gayiage” or “gaywed.” The fact remains, throughout the history of time, and to the vast majority of people who inhabit this planet, marriage is between a man and a women. Truth is truth. It does not require a vote by a governor or 76 legislators to make it truth.

This battle to legalize same-sex marriage is not really about “equal rights” or “federal benefits” but rather about legalizing homosexuality and legally forcing it upon unaccepting citizens.

Making a law to legitimize same-sex marriage will forever alter our social, political and commercial landscape of Hawaii.

Fifteen states in America have legalized same-sex marriage. They are living the harmful effects of this decision.

Last Thursday, I sat in the testimony room of the State Capitol for eight hours before my time to testify. Testimony was very clear to each representative in the room. The vast majority of the people of Hawaii do NOT want homosexuality legalized, and passing SB1 will be against the will of the people.

The local media has failed to report that the opposition to this bill in testimony has run at least 15 to 1. The 5,000-plus people who are testifying against this bill have never before been seen in the history of Hawaii.

“Gayiage” works for me. Leave marriage alone.

Marie Ruhland



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