Monday | March 27, 2017
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Your Views for November 9

A lot of hot air

There are about 1 billion cars in the world and about 1.5 billion cows. The amount of pollution caused by one car per day in the form of carbon monoxide is equivalent to pollution created by one cow per day in the form of methane.

Like the TV commercial says, “EAT MOR CHIKIN.”

Andy Watanabe


Traffic delays

This letter is regarding the paving of Highway 11 in Mountain View. Yamada & Sons has been working on the same mile of road for what seems like two months now, causing horrible traffic. I have watched them pave and then have to strip the new pavement and repave the same section of roads.

On Thursday, Nov. 7, there was traffic from Mountain View all the way to Keaau at 4:30 p.m. Hundreds of cars were at a stand still for hours. Friday I drove on the pavement that was just put down and it is worse than the areas that have yet to be paved. It’s horrible — not smooth at all!

Someone needs to light a fire under their butts, and maybe they will start doing things the right way the first time. It costs all of us time and money every time we are stuck in unnecessary traffic. I’m sure they get paid well, and there is no excuse.

Kristian Boreliz

Mountain View

Investigation needed

After reading the article, “Murder suspect escaped custody in Honolulu,” I wonder how an escaped mental patient from Oahu makes it to the Big Island to (allegedly) kill a young artist, father of three in Eden Roc.

Doesn’t this seem ridiculous, with how difficult it is to travel? I mean, an escaped mental patient who sexually assaulted an 8-year-old wasn’t considered a danger? Honolulu police didn’t think they should alert TSA? This is a serious breach of public trust. I hope this inspires an investigation — or have we just become so complacent? How about escaped prisoners? Will TSA be alerted then? This is very disturbing to me.

Alan Rudo


Gay marriage

Regarding the headline, “Committee’s amendment strengthens clergy exemption”: Although true, it still does not protect churches 100 percent. It’s like building a bomb shelter with sticks and then strengthening it with bigger sticks — it has been strengthened, but not enough for what is should be strengthened for.

Eighty-seven percent of Hawaii showed up and spoke; now it’s time we listened.

We can do a much better job giving people the benefits they deserve without redefining marriage. It’s that simple.

Sheldon Lacsina



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