Monday | November 20, 2017
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Your Views for October 11

Solar red tape

HELCO and the county are talking a lot about alternative energy, but letting us consumers down when we try to put the plans into action.

We ordered a net metered photo voltaic solar system in March. The parts were in within a few weeks, but it took many extra weeks for the county to clear a permit for us.

That permit backlog problem has been widely reported in the Tribune-Herald.

Every week of extra waiting meant we had to buy electricity that much longer.

Finally, we got our permit in August. We had our system installed within days, were finalled, and then were told that HELCO would be out to install an updated meter that would allow us to use the system within two weeks. It has been five weeks now and we are still waiting for our meter from HELCO.

These two delays have meant that we have paid more than $1,300 in extra HELCO bills since July 1, the date we could have had the system functioning if the permit and meter steps had been done in a timely manner. Every day we wait costs us more money in unnecessary electrical bills while we have an unused system, ready to turn on since August.

HELCO: is this a revenue issue? Are you trying to keep billing us for as many more weeks as possible? Please stop buying full-page newspaper ads about how unprofitable you are and use that money to pay staff to support your customers, and to support sustainable energy solutions that have been sitting in place and ready to turn on for weeks.

Jami Sales Reno and Jamie Reno


This could hurt you

There is a bill to remove public notices from the newspapers, and only posting them online. If you are reading this, you know this is evil.

I beg you will take the time to inform your legislators of your displeasure. They are: Sen. Malama Solomon, Sen. Gil Kahele, Rep. Mark Nakashima, Rep. Jerry Chang, Rep. Clift Tsuji, Rep. Faye Hanohano and Rep. Robert Herkes.

They can be reached toll-free by calling 974-4000 and asking the operator to connect you to them. Do not be put off. They may also be reached by e-mail.

The next public notice could be about you.

G. O’Connor


Obama is honest

Honesty is the best policy? Not always, perhaps, but still, don’t you believe our president, Barack Obama is an honest person?

T. Ono



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