Wednesday | December 13, 2017
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Your Views for October 14

They all lie

Regarding T. Ono’s letter to editor, posted Oct. 11 and titled, “Obama is honest”: It is in every politician’s DNA to lie or twist the truth.

President Obama is no exception. What happened in Libya is a good example.

Vernon King


A fan of Chavez

As we near the November presidential election, millions of concerned citizens rightfully ask, “Can a progressive candidate win a fair election in the Americas?”

Well, last Sunday night, a progressive incumbent won the presidential election by a 55-44 margin! Of course, that progressive triumph didn’t take place in the U.S.(a billion-dollar Wall Street-funded campaign made sure of that), but it did happen south of our border.

In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez — a popular incumbent who had used profits from the oil industry to build housing for the poor and to provide employment for the masses — won another six-year term to continue his socialist-leaning Bolivarian Revolution. He will have the mandate to wean his country’s traditional dependency of oil exports to the U.S. with diversified customers ranging from other Caribbean nations to China.

His educational and health programs have benefited the vast majority of Venezuela’s working class. Morover, the Chavez regime didn’t waste trillions of taxpayers’ money invading other countries, or torturing or assassinating untold numbers of innocent “suspects” from foreign lands. Hence, at least in one country in the western hemisphere, the masses’ democratic hope was effectively transformed into sustainable and progressive change.

I believe millions of American voters likely wished they had a similar choice.

Danny H.C. Li


Tea Party pressure

The present race to select a new senator for Hawaii could not be any more clear cut. Our former governor is in the process of repackaging herself to become more palatable to the Hawaiian electorate. It is interesting to hear her proclaiming that she will function in a bipartisan fashion to bring a more reasonable approach to the political gridlock in Washington.

It would be nice if this were true, but unfortunately it is presently impossible. Sen. Richard Lugar from my birth state of Indiana, with over 36 years in the Senate, was recently defeated in the Republican Party primary election by a Tea Party favorite. If the senior Republican in the Senate was unable to stand up to Tea Party pressure, how could a first-term novice possibly be able to defeat their radical agenda?

Their anti-keiki, anti-kupuna, anti-immigrant agenda goes against everything Hawaii stands for. If you believe in the values that make Hawaii unique, then a vote for Mazie Hirono is the only responsible choice.

Phil Barnes

Kehena Beach

Mysterious PAC

Over the current “silly season” of political campaigning, I have received numerous mailings from Pacific Resources Partnership political action committee (PAC). These glossy mailings feature photos of a person who, from her posing and the expressions on her face, might be competing in some sort of beauty pageant. Closer scrutiny of the mailings indicates that this may actually be a campaign for some political office, but there is no mention of what office that might be.

This is all very mysterious.

Researching the Pacific Resources Partnership PAC reveals that it appears to be a front organization for unions related to the construction industry. I do support development and hope that my friends in that industry are well-employed, but these mailings really turn me off. Personally, if I see this person’s name on a ballot on election day, I will be inclined to vote for anyone else.

Also, why can’t we limit political yard signs to 1 square foot of area, as was done in the ’60s? And, please, no more than one sign per candidate per yard. Seems reasonable to me.

Bob Alder


Too much nudity

Kehena Beach is the only real beach in lower Puna.

Many people are breaking the law at Kehena Beach by going nude in public. As a result, many local people are not able to bring their children there.

In the name of our community, we demand that laws banning public nudity be enforced at Kehena Beach.

Maria Funaro and

Robert Roosen


Kehena Beach

Get it right

Not only do the poor dogs on the front page of the (Oct. 8) Tribune-Herald have to suffer the ignominy of being pink (!!!), but the little one has to suffer the indignity of being called a “doxen” instead of a dachshund. Do you not have a spell-checker?

Gretchen Klungness

Mountain View


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