Thursday | August 25, 2016
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Your Views for October 15

Furlough Congress

Regarding the threat of defaulting on the national debt and the lack of consensus on a federal budget, I’d like to quote Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu. He was queried recently as to his opinion regarding the current U.S. predicament. Tactfully, he mentioned how Israel had difficulties with their system, until they passed a law that states if a budget agreement is not reached by deadline, the budget reverts to the previous year budgetary amount. It is divided into 1/12 increments over the course of the year.

The prime minister also said the law contains another provision. If an agreement is not reached in six months, then elections are held.

He dryly noted that Israel managed to pass a budget every year since the law went into effect.

While greatly amused at the cleverness and efficiency of this plan, I doubt very much that our own government could agree to hold themselves so accountable.

I believe the House and the Senate ought to furlough themselves, and then work for free in order to get the job done. That would be equitable and fair.

Robin Miller


To GOP supporters

From Oct. 4’s N.Y. Times: “A default would make it tough for the Treasury to make good on coming interest payments and other obligations, including paying scores of government employees and financing critical safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare.”

Is this what your leaders want for you, to make government smaller by shutting it down and thus cutting you entirely out of the financial equation? They’ve really got the best interests of the working man at heart, don’t they?

Patrick Donovan


Bigger problems

Regarding Roger Christie, U.S. Magistrate Kevin Chang and Assistant District Attorney Michael Kawahara are not doing what is in the best interests of the public, just their own career tracks.

We need to change the laws at all levels to reflect the public will. Anti-drug laws do little good, unless the drug is truly deadly. Marijuana is not deadly. I smoked it for years and I’m still here!

Alcohol and driving are the more serious problem.

Bob Wahler


Testing the water

Thank you to Department of Health Deputy Director Gary Gill for his clear and informative explanation of why we shouldn’t go swimming with open wounds: The naturally occurring staph and strep bacteria on our skin can enter our bodies through pores opened by the water swelling up our skin. And I’m reassured and glad to know the hot pond’s water is tested weekly.

Ahalanui Park is such a unique and beautiful place. We each need to take personal responsibility to be able to enjoy it safely, like reading the clearly posted signs.

Dorothy Zipp Malinski

Hawaiian Beaches


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