Saturday | May 28, 2016
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Your Views for October 18

HTH is effective

After subscribing to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald for some 24 years, I never thought I would be writing something good about our local newspaper. Two eventful things happened to me within four days from each other, and this probably would not have happened if it were not for the Tribune-Herald.

1. After an announcement was made in the paper about starting a Hilo chapter of the Big Island Chess Club, we had a great turnout for our initial meeting.

2. Then I placed an ad under the Bargain Basket section of the Trib. The first day it appeared (Oct. 9), I sold my grass-trimmer to the first caller. I’ve since received at least 10 phone calls within a two-day period after the initial appearance in the paper.

If there are people still interested in chess, please call me at 935-0364 (and it’s free). We accept people of all ages and at any level.

I want to express my sincere thanks to the Trib. Keep up the good work!

Bob Akamine


Beware of ants

Fire ants have taken up residence at Richardson’s Ocean Park area. I encountered them at the base of one of the big ironwood trees.

Visitors, parents, sunbathers and beachgoers should be warned about their presence and not left guessing about what it was that attacked them or their children in the sand.

JoAnn Frances Garrigan


Preserve arts funding

On behalf of my organization’s board, we respectfully urge Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s administration to support funding for the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Biennium Grant Program. We ask that his administration rescind any decisions or actions that would impose additional cuts to HSFCA’s already reduced fiscal year 2013 budget.

In fiscal year 2012, grant recipients, were informed that grant amounts would be reduced by 60 percent. This reduction, which came with no forewarning, was a difficult financial blow. But, adversely affected organizations adapted as best as they could in the circumstances.

HSFCA staff has recently informed us that, not only will the 60 percent reduction in Biennium Grant funding continue into fiscal year 2013, even further budget cuts are anticipated. HSFCA staff admitted that grant funding was sinking to its lowest level in twenty years, and that they had never seen it lower.

The prospect of additional cuts midway through the biennium poses serious financial challenges for hundreds of nonprofit organizations that rely upon HSFCA and its statutory mission of furthering culture, the arts and the humanities. Such cuts are especially disheartening given recent news regarding the recovering economy and improvements in state revenues and budget balances.

HSFCA funding is a very small portion of the state budget, but those dollars accomplish much good. The arts foster creativity, expand our capacity to imagine, enliven our lives and communities, lift our spirits and re-energize our economy.

Robert Pollock

Kula, Maui


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