Wednesday | June 29, 2016
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Your Views for October 19

Build TMT now

Regarding the ongoing saga of the Thirty Meter Telescope, we on the big island of Hawaii are truly blessed for having Mauna Kea, which I believe the rest of the world, including more than half of humanity in China, India, Japan and Canada, wish it was theirs since they have joined us in building the TMT at its summit.

No doubt, every inch of our unique Spaceship Earth is sacred, but Mauna Kea is the only place on the planet that extends our vision farther and more clearly than our knowledge has so far made it possible. It can be as the incredible game-changer that Galileo’s simple telescope was more than 400 years ago.

We should not delay a second in making it possible for our scientists across the globe to be able to use the completed TMT to broaden our vision of the Universe.

Abraham Sadegh


It’s alive in Hilo!

Over the past 19 years living here, I have seen varied “Broadway” shows with non-Broadway entertainers visit Oahu and garnish great excitement on the Big Island. An example was “The Lion King” several years back, to which local travel agents were booking weekend getaways. Mind you, the least costly ticket was in the range of $65 to $100.

I attended “Young Frankenstein” right here in Hilo at the Palace Theater last weekend. And guess what? It was only $15 and I had a third-row seat. What a terrific performance … not a less-than-“American Idol” voice in the whole cast.

A full orchestra ensemble provided the live music! I was happy to see the crowd, but there were still empty seats. I urge everyone to attend! This is the final weekend.

I am not connected with this show at all except as fan of one of the most delightful evenings in the theater I have ever spent.

No one has to fly to Oahu to see great performances. We have one right here in town this weekend.

My kids loved it as well and they both want to go back to see it again (today). I urge all to support our most talented local theater in which all the cast members perform out of aloha and love.

Eileen Walko



Are we now paying the price for our past extravagance, and also for not ‘minding our own business’?!

T. Ono



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