Friday | July 28, 2017
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Your Views for October 2

‘Kids’ are in charge

Growing up in Keaukaha, I spent a lot of time at Hualani park where the old Kawananakoa gym served as a gathering place for kids from the neighborhood.

While park personnel and coaches were always on site, we mostly policed ourselves. On occasion, a fight would break out, but we’d patch things up and move along. There was a real sense of community and ‘ohana among us kids.

We got along well and always looked out for each other — “bruddah-bruddah,” as we’d often say. Sometimes kids would get upset if they didn’t get their way and storm off. They always looked to blame other kids for their problems and would never accept responsibility for their actions. Today we call those kids Republicans.

Sometimes kids would do things that defied rationale and engage in some rather bizarre, self-serving behavior. These kids went crying home to mommy because no one else would put up with their whining and incessant rants. Today we call those kids Tea Party Republicans.

Republicans seek to place ideology above service, holding hostage an entire country because they simply cannot get their way. Their insistence that the Affordable Care Act be placed on the chopping block as a condition to addressing the budget is totally insane. With so many issues to address, they have fixated on legislation crafted by the executive branch, passed by the legislative branch, and upheld by the judicial branch.

Where’s the problem? Parental oversight. Kids are running the government, and no one’s around to supervise. Incapable of policing themselves they run rampant. They dress like adults, look like adults and even sound like adults — but they don’t act like adults.

Maybe a little civics lesson from a bunch of kids growing up on the homestead might help. “Bruddah-bruddah.” What’s the worst that could happen?

Clayton Kua


Fix the roads

I just couldn’t get a past letter about the conditions of existing roads here in Hilo out of my mind. The county officials continue to allow already deteriorated roads to go unrepaired. Yet they talk of making more roads!

I live up Kaumana (Drive). I’m always cursing this road and the damage it does to my car every day. My ball joints had to be changed, as well as my shocks, and it seems like my car screams for help every time I traverse Kaumana Drive.

I totally agree. Something is seriously wrong with these officials who oversee road maintenance in Hilo. And they raised our car registration fees. Figure that one out.

Mary Branco


Fire them all

The Congress should be fired. Maybe this government shutdown is the thing that will get people to start rejecting the same old candidates? And, yes, I include those from our Aloha State.

A. Yamamoto



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