Thursday | December 14, 2017
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Your Views for October 24

Boehner’s business

When Speaker John Boehner said, “We fought the good fight,” he couldn’t be more wrong. He engaged in blackmail, and that is not a good fight. Holding the country and the world’s economies in peril in dangerous, as well. Those debts he was refusing to pay, in order to get his way, were created by the very body he leads.

The Constitution requires we pay our debts. If he wants to lower the debt, he must use his powers to stop committing our country to spending money we don’t have.

John Daggett


Pono pet owners

Every dog and cat deserves a loving home, but should every person have a pet?

Some people just should not have dogs. You will have to clean up, feed, walk, and play with this animal daily, and at regular intervals throughout each day no matter your lifestyle.

Do you think the pet you drop at the Hawaii Island Humane Society is going to get adopted? The chance of your abandoned pet being put down is about 76 percent.

Dogs and cats are a lifetime commitment, which requires that the owner is pono.

Reasons for not getting a dog or cat:

1. You like your house immaculate. No dog deserves to be yelled at, abused, or hurt, simply because they are young or you didn’t train them in a way they could learn.

2. You love cute puppies and kittens, but not when they are grown. Puppies and kittens stay adorable for about two seconds. The worst thing is when owners raise their dogs and cats only to surrender them to a shelter when they become old and gray, like abandoning a relative who you do not want to take care of, even though they took care of you.

3. Your child wants a dog. Every child wants a dog, but the novelty wears off fast and the truth just might be that it will be you cleaning up after the dog and feeding him/her.

4. Your spouse/partner has allergies to dogs or cats. Allergies do not miraculously disappear.

5. You’re bored and think a dog or cat could be fun. Dogs and cats are fun and loving, playful creatures, but they are also living, breathing animals with needs. They get sick, need vaccinations, and need to be exercised, fed and loved daily. Consider their needs first.

6. You love your neighbor’s pet. Yes, she’s cute, but picking a dog that suits your particular needs is vital for that pet’s survival.

7. You just want a guard dog and you don’t have enough time for a pet. Dogs are social by nature and thrive on affection and routine. If you leave him home alone or just feed them like a prison inmate, and give them nothing else, you will not have a reliable guard dog. They will run off the first chance they get because life is horrible with you.

It you are not pono, then don’t get a pet.

They are like children, and rely on you to take responsibility.

Dennis Chaquette



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