Friday | September 30, 2016
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Your Views for October 25

False claim?

Mayor Billy Kenoi’s ads are claiming that the mayor was responsible for the improvement of the Saddle Road. Is that not a state and federal project?

Another ad claims that the roads are improved. Has anybody driven through the streets of Hilo? The streets are in horrible shape.

Rep. Mazie Hirono is claiming that she will create 6,000 tourist-related jobs.

1. The government cannot create jobs.

2. Where will those jobs be?

3. Most jobs relating to tourism are minimum-wage jobs. Big deal!

Bob Dukat


Support for mayor

I’d like to voice my opinion to you people and tell you the truth. Mayor Billy Kenoi should continue to be our mayor. Harry Kim is over 70 years old. He’s drawing a good retirement and Social Security. What more does Harry want?

Give our children a chance to work. If you think you’re going to live forever, you’re dreaming. Think about this: A lot of people get a warning and a lot don’t. Billy is doing a very good job. It takes time to pave the roads, haul the rubbish, fix the parks, increase the bus system.

Talk about spending money. Look at all the county cars that Harry Kim purchased, compared to Mayor Kenoi. Our mayor purchased four hybrid cars to increase fuel efficiency.

My family came from Honolulu to attend the Merrie Monarch Festival. They were honored when greeted by our own Mayor Billy Kenoi. He had so much aloha and made us feel so comfortable; we decided to come back next year. The beautiful parade that weekend was about almost three hours long, and was enjoyed even more because Mayor Kenoi ordered portable toilets for the public to use.

We would like to thank Mayor Billy Kenoi. Keep up the good work! And remember, Mayor Kenoi listens to the people, and then makes a decision based on their needs. He is a smart man, that is why Harry Kim initially hired Billy Kenoi to work with him.

Joe Lopez


Follow the money

It is imperative for us to make very wise choices as we select our candidates at the polls this coming Nov. 6. As we near the date, it is easy for us all to be aware and watchful of all that the candidates do and say.

One of the best ways to chose a candidate is to look at their spending record. We have grown to be a nation where many seats are purchased through spending large amounts of money on the election. It is time for such activities to be thwarted by an aware and purposeful electorate.

I am keeping my eyes open and watching the candidates who are accepting minimal donations, spending wisely and showing concern for the issues at hand, rather than making a show of economic power or incumbent advantage. It is my prayer that you will do the same!

Pamela Waiolena



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