Friday | February 24, 2017
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Your Views for October 26

Sour on GMO milk

We are drinking milk that comes from GMO corn-fed cows. Yummy! Is this the milk that is “Bringing the Natural Goodness of the Island Home?” This sounds nice and reassuring?

A lot has been done to keep our food prices cheap, but at what cost? There has also been much talk about this subject, and there was even protesting of a local farm (Tribune-Herald, Sept. 24). But yet our keiki are excitedly grabbing this milk and putting into the family grocery wagon.

I support local companies and farmers, but I cannot and will not support GMO-produced milk. Everyone, please stop and think before we blindly jump on the GMO bandwagon and become lab rats for the large agriculture companies. These companies are profit-driven, not family centric.

Something is just not right here! Hey, GMO farmers, I have a question for you. Do you drink your own milk? One better: Do you slice some fresh GMO papaya on your kids’ cornflakes to go with that yummy GMO corn-fed milk.

Well, do you?!

Marcy Martinez


‘Life plan’ too costly

In 2008, my father wanted me to be prepared and not be burdened with plans for a funeral when his time came, so we purchased a “life plan policy” from Dodo Mortuary. My father passed on Sept. 6 of this year, and we found out that we overpaid for this life plan policy by over $1,000 than if we had just went into Dodo Mortuary and made arrangements that day.

The last thing I wanted to hear while grieving for the loss of my father was that I was being taken advantage of. Can you believe that we planned ahead only to pay more in the end? What is wrong with this picture? I demanded a refund from Mr. James Arakaki, president of this company. And do you know what he told me? “You’ll get your money when you get it.”

How do you like that for customer service? And to think that this person served on the Hawaii County Council. Shame on you, Mr. Arakaki.

I have since talked to several people who have had similar experiences with Dodo Mortuary life plan. My hope is that they will come forward and share their horrible encounters with this company, which claims to “care” when they should say … “we care less.”

One thing my father taught me was to speak my mind and to fight for what is right. I think my father would be proud of me for standing up for what is right.

Debra Agbayani


Attacking Romney

The latest commercial on TV says that Mitt Romney’s proposal to repeal Obamacare would increase my health insurance by over $6,000. I am a member of Kaiser Permanente’s Senior Advantage program and have just been advised that my premiums for 2013 will be $143 per month. This adds up to $1,716 per year.

How can these liberals substantiate their bogus claims of an increase of over $6.000 dollars? Is there a problem?

Richard Bell



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