Thursday | October 20, 2016
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Your Views for October 27

Beware chameleon

Mitt Romney will be whatever a given audience wants him to be. Different audience. Different Mitt. No one knows what he thinks. He’s for something, then against it. He’s moderate, then conservative, then “severely” conservative.

The Etch A Sketch comment early in the campaign was right on. Strangely, it came from a supporter. Romney has no fixed ideas about anything, but seems to be itching for another Mideast war. He is not well-versed in foreign affairs, and his narrow Mideast policy seems to be to back Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu could readily draw him into a war with Iran. It’s time for America to focus on rebuilding our infrastructure and looking to the future. We can’t go backward.

But he’ll take us back. Especially women. We’ll have to refight the battles we already won when we’re still trying to get equal pay for equal work.

He is willing to rape our great nation with irresponsible digging, fracking, offshore drilling and pipelines, while mocking responsible research for alternative energy. He’s stuck in the mindset of a past era.

President Obama wants everyone to have a chance to succeed. His concerns are ours: health care, education, safety, clean air and water and a fair deal for consumers. A roof over every head; a meal on every table. He knows struggle while Romney doesn’t have a clue.

Obama has our back. Romney wants to take us backward. The choice is clear.

Charlotte Phillips


Taxing skateboards

What county ordinance allows the transit agency to charge $1 for a skateboard? The Hele-On bus has a sign posted, but it does not quote the ordinance.

Mayor Billy Kenoi’s administration has arbitrarily extorted the dollar. His corporate counsel attorney, William Brilhante, told me that they charge a dollar because a skateboard on the bus is dangerous.

“Together we can” … do what? Clip kids two bucks to bring their skateboards to town and back home?

Jerry Warren


The real Lingle

“You know me,” says Linda Lingle in her TV ads. Yes, we do know her. Remember, this is the same Linda Lingle that gave us “furlough Fridays” with fewer school days, making this the state with the least school days in the country that year. And while this was happening, Linda was hiding from concerned parents that were in her office.

Don’t forget the Superferry fiasco. In pushing forward the “not so” super ferry, Lingle flagrantly disregarded environmental laws. We are supportive of an interisland ferry, but not one that arrogantly ignores laws made to protect our island home.

And then there’s the $38 million taxpayer cost for unnecessary harbor improvements to accommodate the ferry. We must mention the additional $30 million loan-guarantee obligation, since the ferry went bankrupt after the state Supreme Court ruled the ferry should have followed environmental laws.

As she says, “You know me.” How can we forget?

Moanikeala Akaka



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