Wednesday | July 01, 2015
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Your Views for October 28

Vote for Harry Kim

For eight years under Harry Kim, Hawaii County enjoyed open responsive government. We need to get that back.

I have two major problems with Mayor Kenoi. First, why is so much of Mr. Kenoi’s campaign money from off-island? Why is it so important to so many people on Oahu who our mayor is? I want a mayor who is beholden only to us, his constituents, not big-money people from Oahu.

Second, did Mr. Kenoi lie to us about shipping Hilo’s garbage to Kona, or did his administration not bother to tell him what they were doing? If he lied, he has forfeited our trust and should not be re-elected. If his own people were not honest with him, then he has too little control over his own administration and should not be re-elected.

Harry Kim, over eight years, proved that he is competent, honest, fair, and devoted to this island above all. We need him back!

Dan Lindsay


Fix school system

I heard that the Hawaii Department of Education has asked for and the Legislature has approved $40 million to buy computers for every public school student in the state. Is this true?

Have any of you looked at the folly of this? Let me give you a few items to think about:

1. The best K through 12 school in the U.S. forbids electronics in their school. Why? Their job is to teach students to think and computers do not foster that.

2. Most accomplished educators agree that class time is the most critical element of good education. Hawaii school days are one hour and 20 minutes SHORTER than the national average. Inspire any thoughts? More class time! Fewer placebos!

3. Computer technology is still obsoleting itself every two years. How often are you going to replace these computers and software during the educational careers of our students? Is an obsolete computer any better than none at all?

4. How many will be sold by the students or their families?

5. How many will be stolen?

6. How many will be lost?

7. How many will be broken?

8. How many will be traded or sold to buy drugs, cars, clothes, whatever?

Spend $40 million a year more to lengthen the school day or to increase teacher’s salaries, not to search for a technology solution to a human problem. And not to make yourselves feel good about creating an illusion of support for our educational system. It’s failing! Computers won’t fix it! People will fix it!

Al Rabold

Kula, Maui

Wonderful ‘Journey’

The visit by DOE Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi was well-covered in your article of Oct. 14. The article mentioned our signature astronomy event on this island, “Journey through the Universe,” and appropriately lauded the program.

However, the program was mentioned as “the Journey through the Universe program at ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center.” While ‘Imiloa is a partner and plays a major role in some of the “Journey” week’s events, the program actually takes place over a 10-day period, and the majority of the action is in the classrooms at the schools in and around Hilo.

“Journey through the Universe” is a nationwide program, and the Hawaii Island event is recognized as the flagship “Journey” program in the nation. It involves the efforts of Hilo/Waiakea DOE complex, the Mauna Kea observatories’ staffs, UHH, ‘Imiloa, local businesses, and is driven by the outreach team at Gemini Observatory, who championed and shepherded the program for the past eight years.

Everyone deserves credit for the outstanding program, and we at Thirty Meter Telescope are really honored to be part of this outstanding effort.

Sandra Dawson

Thirty Meter Telescope, Hilo

Protect the island

In response to your article “Hunters are sentenced in deer smuggling case, in the Tuesday, Oct. 2, Tribune Herald, I am relieved to see that individuals who participate in activities that will directly and indirectly impact our environment and community are being held responsible and accountable for their action.

I feel that a one-time fine, especially in the case of ongoing eradication of an invasive species, is too lenient. The idea of a yearly fine or major contribution to an appropriate agency for eradication, would be a long-term reminder that all new species to our unique island ecosystem, are potentially invasive detrimental to all aspects of our lives.

People did not realize soon enough that mongooses, as a diurnal species, could never be a solution to the over-population of rats. They destroyed a vast number of our endemic birds and leave a constant reminder that people do not understand the interconnection and impact that one species can have in an island environment.

I hope that people in our community will heed the warning that all species, whether animal or plant have an impact, large or small. We live in an age of readily accessible information. Ask the question. Find the answer. Act with integrity.

Cascade Mather



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