Thursday | October 20, 2016
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Your Views for October 3

Letter to LaHood

Dear U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood:

While it might be considered a bit liberal for current mainstream ideology, the expenditure of federal monies for the development of local infrastructure is an effective and proven course in restoring an economy. A good example is the interstate highway system and the fixed rail project being developed for the Hawaiian island of Oahu — arguably an extension of that thinking. There is a profound difference, however, in that after spending likely 25 years and possibly as many billions of dollars to complete this piece of infrastructure, it will be entirely useless.

To be clear, it is not the monetary cost at issue here, because the positive effect on job creation on that island’s economy will be significant if construction continues. The real question is whether there might be a better use and a more fair distribution of these monies.

Twenty five years from now, if the technology currently being developed in transportation parallels the technology driving communication, the moving of people from place to place will no longer require the mechanics presently employed or foreseen as the rationale for building this project.

I cannot predict what the change will look like, but I have seen my telephone evolve from a six-party line accessed by a hand-cranked box to a hand-held device that no one could have foreseen or imagined even 25 years ago.

The likelihood that I will be around for the blessing of this rail system, if built, is slim, but I do know that no one will want to be remembered for it — and that the entire state will be 25 years in arrears on perhaps $25 billion worth of hospitals, schools, parks, highways, water systems, etc., that could have been built instead.

Please rethink this folly. Spend the money, yes, but spend it on all the islands, and spend it on a worthy infrastructure that will have relevancy well into the 21st century.

Kelly Greenwell


Defending Hirono

This is in response to “Hirono a ‘twit’” in Your Views, Sept. 15.

The only twit in your letter is you. Lingle was bad for our state and is bad for our country. You may have voted for her twice, I never voted for her. Remember, she is the one that screwed up education and gave us the lowest amount of education days a year and “furlough Fridays,” something that is still a detriment to this state. Adding another Republican to our Congress is something we do NOT need; we do NOT need any more for the “party of NO.”

She says she will bring the two sides together, just like every Republican has said — until they get there, then they vote right along party lines like Lingle has her entire career. We need to balance the House, not the state.

I have met Mazie Hirono several times and she is a well-educated, intelligent person who tries to do her best and does a great job, so the only twit in your story is you for not being able to recognize this and for calling her a name that was not necessary.

I ask all to vote, as it is your duty, but a vote for Lingle is a wasted vote and one that does not represent the people of Hawaii, or of America.

The American people need to stop the “party of NO” from destroying this country. You call yourself a Democrat, yet slam every one of them. Typical.

R. Davis



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