Friday | November 24, 2017
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Your Views for October 30

A matter of survival

The president has been sitting on his final decision as to whether to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline for so long now that it is beginning to look like he will not resist the incredible pressure on him to approve it. The southern half of the pipeline has already been approved. The impact on the environment will be devastating.

But I agree with Bill McKibben, the founder of, when he tells us that the fate of humankind is literally resting on the outcome of this decision. For the U.S. to approve the import of millions of barrels of oil from Canada’s tar sands is to open the flood gates to total exploitation of all fossil fuels. This will truly seal the fate of the world as we have known it since the dawn of human life on planet Earth.

Please add your voice to the thousands of others urging the president to say no and to stand up against the fossil fuel industry and its powerful lobbyists who have put their greed ahead of our very survival as a species — and of our incredible and awesome planet.

Robert Sumner-Mack


Need new leaders

In regards to the same sex marriage bill (SB1), most of the people I have talked to on both sides of the issue can agree on one thing. The process has been wrong. Going through a special session rather than a regular session greatly limits the voice of the people. However, having a diminished voice of the people should come as no surprise. With basically a one-party system, the voice of the people becomes less important to the politicians. We need more balance in the Legislature, with more equality and diversity of opinion.

Vote out our current legislators and elect legislators who will put the voice of the people as the most important priority and not allow us to be run by the unions and special interests.

Steve Meek


Equality guaranteed

I am opposed to the notion of a public vote on gay marriage. Equality and civil rights are not proper subjects for a public referendum.

Everyone has rights, not because other people permit it, but because equality is guaranteed to every person under the U. S. Constitution. It’s not a matter of public opinion or popularity.

We do not vote on whether to grant equality to people of different races. We do not decide by ballot which religions are allowed. There should be no referendum on marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

Dan Lindsay



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