Saturday | June 24, 2017
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Your Views for October 4

Gay marriage

Regarding same-sex marriage: It is not about equality, it’s about redefining the law of marriage. What we really need to think through are the ramifications that we will receive as a state if this became a law. Many other states are dealing with issues they weren’t prepared for because they were so focused on “equality.”

Distribution of taxes towards various state programs will be an issue. There will be an increase in government spending for programs that do not yet exist to aid those affected by same-sex marriage. Our children will be “retaught” about sex in our public schools, and parents will have no say because it would be “legal.” These are just a few things that will happen if this becomes a law.

This is a decision that our lawmakers should not make by their personal opinion. It should be done the way our Constitution has led us all these years: “Of the people, by the people.” Say NO to the special session on Oct. 28.

Sheldon Lacsina


Top-quality ER

Hilo has a great civic resource in the Hilo Medical Center Emergency Room. I had to use the emergency room on Monday afternoon (Sept. 30). I was seen quickly. All the people I dealt with were efficient, pleasant and very professional.

I was very impressed with the concern, courtesy and general good care I received. I do not believe I could have gotten better care at any hospital in the country.

Hilo is very fortunate to have such a fine ER facility.

Dan Lindsay


Slow connection

Maybe it’s just me, or it could be a large group of unsatisfied customers. If I lived on Oahu, I could be getting Internet TV. But here on (parts of) the Big Island, we can’t even get a DSL connection. And we ask why, and the same answer is always given. It’s not available, and they might as well say Big Island customers don’t matter.

There appears to be no intent on providing additional DSL to the island — at least not Puna or Ka‘u. I’ve even asked, is there someone up the chain of command that I may talk with, and I’m told it wouldn’t do me any good; they can’t help me either.

Maybe you in the media may be aware if Hawaiian Tel or Time Warner are getting any of the rural funds through the FCC, and, if so, where is the money going?

Richard Turner



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