Monday | August 21, 2017
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Your Views for October 5

Radio not ‘balanced’

It’s good that the Tribune-Herald tries to balance its editorials and opinions, a little bit, by featuring a few columnists like George Will, a conservative.

Now, if we could get Hilo radio stations to do the same by allowing us to listen to those like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, we may have the beginning of a “fair and balanced” East Hawaii.

The removal of Rush Limbaugh by a certain radio station (KPUA), for an unjust reason, was truly a miscarriage of news reporting, and that station master should be ashamed of his dictatorial methods and should have been reprimanded.

Hugo von Platen Luder


‘Dumb’ tourists

The recent story about the flesh-eating bacteria leaves out the major cause: dumb tourists.

It’s a well-known fact the when people go on vacation to Hawaii they usually bring their credit cards and leave their brains at home (examples: their driving, falling off cliffs, leaving valuables in plain sight in their car, and other general stupidities). This story is a case in point. He probably got the bug (which looks like a tiny great white shark under the microscope) when he cut himself going after his perfect lilikoi (dying for a lilikoi .. tourist!) and then brought the bug into a perfect growing environment.

He says he didn’t see the signs, which are 6 feet tall and in two different locations. (I do admit they need flashing lights and steam whistles to be tourist-friendly.) I know tourists are Hawaii’s cash cow, but I would hope they would bring more than a bovine’s intelligence when they arrive. And don’t blame our hot pond for your idiocy.

William Wade

Kehena Beach

Abuse of power?

How can we cite an officer for an infraction? I’ve seen them go over the speed limit numerous times (I’m behind and can’t catch up). They’ve even passed me on 45-mph roads only to be caught in traffic. I’m not against law enforcers, just those who abuse the authority given them.

Harriet Chung


Where’s the justice?

I can’t be the only one appalled to read about the side-story in the tragic death of Mr. Visaya relating to the awful circumstances of his wife’s death last year. How could someone kill two people and injure many more while driving drunk and with a suspended license — which, I would guess, is due to him being a repeat offender — and not be behind bars immediately afterward?

I most certainly do not condone the use of illegal drugs, much less the sale and promotion of them, but isn’t there something wrong with a system that puts (marijuana activist) Roger Christie in jail over three years, and yet Alfred Berdon III is still loose (hasn’t been charged), even after allegedly killing and maiming innocent people?

What does a habitual drunken driver have to do to be locked up? Kill someone? That’s what I used to think, but apparently even that isn’t enough. Maybe it’s all in who you know.

Mary Serion



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