Thursday | December 14, 2017
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Your Views for Sept. 25

Defending the police

In regards to the Sept. 22 letter titled “Police bullies,” we all have taken our driver’s license tests. I assume we all know the rules of the road and what all the signage means. So in defense of our Hawaii County police, the posted speed limit is the posted speed limit. We all see the posted signs along the roadside.

Yes, the police may give several miles an hour leeway, but if you choose to go well over the limit, regardless if it’s on a steep incline, then plain and simple, you’ve broken the law. It doesn’t matter if the police car was unmarked or even hiding. The law was broken and you were caught.

As far as educating the public … well they did! They posted those speed limit signs. Those signs also serve a purpose to protect us — to inform us of the safe recommended speed to travel.

I look at it this way: Those unmarked police cars or speed traps help keep habitual speeders and reckless drivers in check. Just as DUI checkpoints deter drunken driving. They are doing their job to “protect and serve.”

Cary Tahara


No need to speed

Rod Thompson’s recent letter to the editor (Your Views, Sept. 22), which criticized the speed enforcement on the new Saddle Road phase, was completely off the mark. I drove over and back the new segment on Sept. 7. Five vehicles passed me while I was driving the new highway back to Kona.

I was driving at the posted speed limit at that time, which isn’t difficult in my truck.

There is no reason these drivers need to exceed the posted 55 mph speed limit on this segment. They’re creating an unsafe situation for other drivers and burning out their brakes at the same time.

I support the police enforcement and don’t want to see them give a free pass to these drivers.

Aaron Stene


Peace and quiet

The house of sore Republican losers (representatives) is threatening to shut down the government because they can’t get what they want. So they throw a tantrum like a spoiled child.

From an organization that has a lower approval rating than used car dealers and Communists this is not unexpected.

I have an alternative suggestion: Don’t shut down the government, shut down Congress. Send them home. No pay, no limos, no gold-plated health insurance, no perks, no expense account. Not a thing.

Nobody would miss them much.

Since they can’t govern at least there would be peace and quiet in the Capitol building and on the endless news networks. Is there any way we can impeach the whole house in a package deal? These whiners are irritating and boring. They do the impossible: they make the Hawaii Legislature look … good.

William Wade

Kehena Beach


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