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Ruining marriage

How appropriate that this newspaper would print a letter (“Let gays marry”) on Sept. 11 that urges an official attack on Hawaii’s entire familial, social and economic structure.

In fact, Charlotte Phillips’ charges against every person in Hawaii who doesn’t accept her opinion is an attack on their First Amendment rights, in and of itself. Yet, I’m not mad at her over her opinion on this matter. And I won’t even get mad at anyone if everyone in Hawaii accepts her opinion and pushes for the passage of the Hawaii Marriage Equality Act of 2013. I will retire my license to marry others as a preacher, and may move, but I won’t get mad at anyone. Everyone here has a “right to their opinion” on these issues.

But, having said that, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: You are entitled to your opinions; but you are not entitled to your facts.

And it seems to me that Charlotte not only doesn’t know many facts about human sexuality, biology, marriage and Constitutional “rights,” she also doesn’t know — or want you to know — all the social/moral/religious chaos, familial breakup and economic ruin that this Marriage Act will inflict upon everyone in this state!

“Sin taxes” never bring more money into a society than they take from it.

Let’s check a few facts of the Hawaii Marriage Equality Act 2013. It is 18 pages long. Here’s the gist of it spelled out for us in rather ambiguous lingo on page 13: “The legislature acknowledges that there are many individuals who have significant personal, emotional, and economic relationships with another individual. Yet are prohibited by (such) legal restrictions from marrying. For example, two individuals who are related to another, such as a widowed mother and her unmarried son. Therefore, the legislature believes that certain rights and benefits presently available only to married couples should be made available to couples comprised of two individuals who are legally prohibited from marrying one another.”

Well, there it is in black and white. This legislation will legalize marriage between an unmarried mother and her son. Got that, Charlotte? It will also legalize marriage between a father and his son, two male brothers, two female sisters, two uncles, two aunts, two grandmas, and two partridges in a pear tree! Incest for all! And marriage between three’s a crowd and comfort animals are next. But this won’t affect marriage; it will just legislate it into total irrelevance! It makes marriage into nothing more than an economic contract. This “Marriage Act” requires every legal document in this state to be revised to reflect our new gender-blind society. All legal references to “husband, wife, mother, father, male, female, parents, etc.” will have to be replaced with gender-confused words like “partners, couples,” … or just put the word “duh” or an “X.” I’m sure none of this will cause any problems or cost us a dime. “Tyranny of the Minority,” anyone? Chance ’em!

Gerald Wright



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