Friday | July 29, 2016
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Your Views for Sept. 27

Ban Roundup?

My recent letter about the GMO debate has been criticized because it did not mention the issue of Roundup-ready crops and the use of the herbicide. My interest was in food safety and in finding out if there was any validity in statements about the danger of GMO foods, especially when I heard statements which turned out to be total falsehoods but which keep being repeated like religious doctrine.

I have not found any credible evidence that GMO foods pose any health dangers. The modified DNA and the products of the expression of the new genes do not survive their passage through the human gut and they do not enter the blood stream or get incorporated in the host’s DNA. I feel that the discussion about Roundup is a separate issue. I am not a fan of Roundup and never used it in our gardens on the East Coast. After arriving in Hawaii, we were shocked by the extensive use of herbicides here.

Since there may be environmental and health risks associated with the use of Roundup, why not ban it altogether on Hawaii Island and be done with it? The folks who are so militant against Monsanto and the other agribusinesses seem to have a political agenda which they are masking with an anti-science agenda which in turn actually scares other countries, especially in Africa, India and China, where healthy GMO foods are being kept from populations which would greatly benefit from their presence in the food supply.

Adrienne S. Dey


On gay marriage

I would like to respond to the letter, “No gay marriage” by Barbara J. Ferraro, state director for Concerned Women for America.

There have been a few letters pointing out other aspects of the Bible, such as people used to be killed for working on Sunday, etc.

I would like to focus on the group Barbara Ferraro represents, since she included it with her name.

The group, Concerned Women for America, was founded in 1979 in response to the women’s rights group, the National Organization for Women.

The founder of CWA, Beverly LaHaye, thought that feminism and women’s rights should not be fought for by women. The CWA, in fact, tries to harm adults and children due to their political affiliation, which, for the CWA, comes before the will of Christ.

Since Mrs. LaHaye is a conservative Christian, she believes that women’s rights should be accomplished by men, the very people who are the very reason women have to fight for equal rights in the first place.

Now this does not make sense to an educated person, but obviously conservative Christians believe in what their very human pastor says first, and kindness or compassion comes a distant second. …

We can all come up with Bible quotes to make our point, but at the end of the day, we all know what is just, we know what is kind, we know what compassion is, and we know what love for thy neighbor is supposed to mean.

Christ did not teach us the opposite of these things, something other did.

And if you listen to the other, what does that make you?

Dennis Chaquette



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