Monday | December 11, 2017
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Your Views for September 1

Living under U.S. law

The letter in Your Views on Thursday, Aug. 30, titled, “For the kingdom,” left me with the sense of … what did I just read?

What I gleaned from the letter was a person volunteered to serve in the United States military and is upset about laws governing the country that includes Hawaii.

I assume he thinks Hawaiian subjects (American citizens) are being deprived of liberty. If so, give me an example so I can have a sense of empathy for you.

I laud the gentleman for his thoughts and feelings, but please let me understand … what right to liberty was taken from you, and what makes Hawaiian law different than any other country’s laws?

On Page 8 of the same issue as the letter appears, a dispute regarding an open-air market run by Sam, a noted Hawaiian and retired Marine, is being addressed by Department of Hawaiian Home Lands’ laws — not American law.

Most countries that are the size of our Hawaii are usually classified as Third World nations, and when you look at those nations, they and their citizens are living in conditions unfit for even household pets, with chaos and no laws at all to protect them — even from each other.

Remember, even in Hawaii there are at least seven Hawaiians who want to be the king, and what law will protect you?

I thank the gentleman for his thoughts, and I hope he has much happiness living under American law.

Carmine Spada


Tuition hikes hurt

If you are a college student, then you know the sting of having to pay more and more every year for tuition. We feel it when we go grocery shopping, pay our rent, at the gas pump, when we’re at our day job or even our night job.

Most of us can barely afford to pay for school. My financial aid just barely covered my tuition. We rely heavily on financial aid to cover all, if not most of our tuition. Some of us try to hustle as many scholarships as when can, while others opt to work to pay for tuition.

If you are a full-time student, then it’s like having a full-time job. The students who work, on top of that, are truly the brave ones.

So why are the universities still raising tuition? Do they not understand their students’ plight? They say it’s to help pay for improvements to the school. That’s fine and dandy; improvements would be nice. But could you please not supplement those costs with higher student tuition? Plan fund-raisers, ask for donations or something, but please, don’t make us students pay for it!

It’s had enough trying to make it every day without having to worry about how we’re going to pay for school.

GlenAllen Beavers


Election witch hunt

What kind of elections witch hunt is Hawaii County on? Jamae Kawauchi is publicly humiliated in the press almost daily for a few minor rumbles in the primary election. Operationally, it was not perfect, but who cares as along as the numbers are correct?

More recently, is Mr. Glen Shikuma’s death really worth a mere $10,000 settlement? These election workers may need discipline, but this has gone way over the line.

Seems like Dominic Yagong and others need to keep life on the Big Island in perspective. Simple, longtime hard-working citizens should not be treated this way. I will NOT vote for Yagong or his cronies. My vote is worth more than his power-hungry dictatorial approach. In addition, I will hold them personally responsible for all the undue stress that caused Mr. Shikuma’s death.

Hoku Tagupa



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