Saturday | June 25, 2016
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Your Views for September 11

A Trojan horse

A letter to the editor in your Sept. 9 edition highlights a top defense attorney casting aspersions on the performance of the police and, with the same brush, endorses a candidate for chief prosecutor.

Cops and prosecutors work hand-in-glove to remove bad guys from the community. Defense attorneys, from a cop’s point of view, anyway, work hand-in-glove with bad guys to raise a doubt that the bad guys are really bad. Ergo, as a retired cop, I am suspicious as to why a top defense attorney feels comfortable enough with a chief prosecutor candidate to endorse him.

Endorsements are welcome, I’m sure, by any candidate. However, as Laocoon said in “The Aeneid,” “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentis”—beware of Greeks bearing gifts. When it comes time to vote, I would suggest you pick the candidate for chief prosecutor who is endorsed by SHOPO, the police union. The police don’t need a Trojan horse in its camp.

David Heaukulani


Attitude counts most

Aesthetics is important in almost all situations, as it is in the case of the newly remodeled rooms at Hilo Medical Center.

However, most importantly, the attitude and empathy shown by the nurses, staff and doctors toward the patients is the prime motivator for the well-being of everyone!

T. Ono


Pricey sculpture

I, too, was aghast at the school (the University of Hawaii at Hilo) spending that much money on art and raising tuition, but if you read the article carefully, you will see that the money was raised specifically for that purpose.

Too bad the money was not earmarked for tuition subsidies, but we do need culture, too. I do think they could have found a local artist to portray the local theme. Ever hear of “buy local”? I am sure the $700,000 would have given the local art community a shot in the arm.

Judith Grogg


We remember

Who is (U.S. Senate candidate Linda) Lingle kidding when she stated that she was “an effective two-term governor” and “won’t be a rubber stamp for Republicans”?

Lingle never failed to solidly align herself — indeed, present herself — as a star Republican, forever jockeying for ever higher positions within the party. This put her perennially at odds with our Legislature, stalling and aborting legislation, withholding funds, always at the expense of her constituency.

This was proved beyond a doubt during her second term, when she could play politics her way without any re-election concerns. Now she expects that we will have forgotten her too-long list of failed legislative debacles and vote for her again?

Not me, not this time.

Jan Dean



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