Monday | September 25, 2017
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Your Views for September 15

Hirono is a ‘twit’

I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Like many others, I was swayed by the oratory of Barack Hussein Obama, enough to sign up to be a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party. I still am. I am still “hoping” for change.

But, I have been dismayed by some of the ignorant and unfounded opinions expressed by some of your readers who demonize Linda Lingle as a “right-wing” Republican who is bent on selling out our state. They attack her record, despite the fact that she managed to balance the state budget by making tough choices in difficult times, without raiding the hurricane fund, as our Democrat colleagues were tempted to do.

They seem to ignore the fact that former Gov. Ben Cayetano and current Gov. Neil Abercrombie had, and have, done exactly the same, from a fiscal point of view. They ignore the fact that during her tenure, many of her progressive ideas were simply filibustered by an overwhelmingly one-sided Democrat-led Legislature. They ignore the (not too transparent) fact that many of our legislators are card-carrying members of the Democratic Party for expedience — as it helps them get re-elected — not conviction.

Despite this, Linda Lingle is responsible for passing legislation for the mandate for energy independence in Hawaii (something former Rep. Mazie Hirono seems to wants to take credit for). I believe Linda Lingle is a moderate Republican and not the ogre she is portrayed to be.

I have met Linda Lingle and do not like her as a person. I have also met Neil Abercrombie and do not like him as a person. They are both opinionated. But I respect both for their leadership. I have also met Mazie Hirono. It was quite evident to me, within a minute or two of talking to her, that she is a twit with no mind of her own.

Our upcoming senatorial election is perhaps the most significant in the history of our state so far. Sen. Daniel Inouye has done a lot for our state, and we are grateful to him. But most of the benefits of his earmarks have trickled down to his cronies, who made profit.

It is time for change. Mazie Hirono, if elected, will simply be a puppet of Sen. Inouye (while he is still alive and competent) and the “old boys.” She is already beholden to all the unions. This will not bode well for Hawaii and our economic future.

In a democracy such as ours, government works best when there is a balance of power. Regardless of whether you like Linda Lingle or not, I urge you to cast your vote for her. If nothing else, it will bring balance to this imbalanced state. One-sided politics is simply unhealthy.

Remember, we voted to re-elect Linda Lingle as governor. There is a reason we did so.

Pradeepta Chowdhury


A good man

Lance Armstrong might have taken something, but he game a lot in the sense of compassion, morality, empathy and humanitarianism.

T. Ono



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