Friday | December 02, 2016
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Your Views for September 16

Bogus ‘survey’

I just got off the phone with a research survey that was doing an “independent and neutral” survey. It was basically asking who I was voting for for mayor. They ask two or three positive questions about Harry Kim and then proceed to ask questions about Mayor KAH-no-ee (their pronunciation).

It did not take long for me to recognize that the “hypothetical” questions were lines out of Kenoi’s campaign ads and radio commercials.

It wasn’t bad enough that after listening to what was obviously a campaign speech for Billy Kenoi touting how he will create jobs, I asked the fateful question: “Where are you calling from?”

“Utah,” was the response!

If Mayor Kenoi claims to be trying to create jobs in our county, why has he outsourced jobs to Utah? That is not how to create jobs in our county, nor in our state. If you have all this money to spend, spend it HERE!

But that was not the most irritating part. The most irritating part was the “statements” about Harry Kim. They are very close to slander.

If I was having doubts about who to vote for before, I no longer do. I will vote for someone who does not have to put someone down to feel important. I will vote for someone who will actually try to create jobs in OUR county, NOT IN UTAH.

Susan Bond


Free on bail?

I’m sorry, Judge Glenn Hara, my wife’s and my lives are worth more that $20,000. That’s what you think they are worth.

After Alfred Berdon III of Honokaa killed two (while allegedly driving drunk) on Highway 19 on Monday, you should have kept him in custody until trial.

I live just off the highway where he is now free to continue driving. His terms of release concerned no drugs or alcohol use and submission to random testing — not much help after he kills the next person. Even if he is not allowed to drive, which the Tribune-Herald article did not say is a condition, he is still free to do whatever he wants — including driving.

This is an unsafe island. And I’m not talking about Hilo health care. We won’t even go there. I’m talking about public safety. Where are the police when you need them? What do judges do when you need them?

Call your local representatives, tell them how you see this. I love it here, but I think for our safety, my wife and I are leaving.

Robert Wahler


Protect us

While local and federal authorities have been busy protecting the community from Roger Christie, don’t they have a moral and legal responsibility to protect us from people like Alfred Berdon III?

Michael Engstrom


Shoot the burglars

In regard to the increasing amount of burglaries on Hawaii Island, and the recent newspaper article about people who are loading bullets into their guns, I feel that we the people should have the right to shoot a burglar who is caught in the process of disrupting the safety and sanctity of our family’s happiness in or around our home.

Has our society evolved into a docile entity that may legally abide by an implied social law of passive-aggressiveness, where the current government would rather have their people watch their house being robbed, rather than have their people shoot a burglar?

The people in our community should not have to worry about going to jail for defending their happiness, and I think that 9/11 should serve as a reminder to our community that we have to work together to take out certain terrorists before their successful strike.

This is how the American Army taught me to take care of my community, and my survival through the war in Afghanistan has influenced my passion to continue on the legacy of a soldier with a duty to protect happiness.

And for those people who may be against my belief, please realize that if you paid federal tax dollars to the American government, then you helped to sponsor the social re-engineering program that made me a soldier which you may indirectly support.

So, please pick up your weapon and follow me, because together we will make a difference in cleaning up our community. And for those of us who may die in this line of duty, we will be martyrs.

Isaac Kawika Nahakuelua



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