Saturday | April 25, 2015
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Your Views for September 20

Stadium needs help

Now that Hilo once again has professional baseball with the 2012 inaugural North America League’s Hawaii Stars team, how about our mayor and council leaders appropriating some funds to spruce up Wong Stadium? It is perhaps the worst stadium in the NAL system.

While the grounds staff do a superior job in keeping the field in good shape, the infrastructure requires attention. The backstop fencing posts have rusted through, and the visitor’s field access gate is “floating” because the gate support pole is rusted out both bottom and top.

The backstop netting needs to be upgraded from rusted chain-link, which is difficult to peer through behind home plate, to some newer-technology netting. There are obvious gaps in the outfield fencing by the sidelines that the ball slips through, thus limiting play. The sound system is inaudible, and the light posts buzz so loud when the lights come on that any remaining quality to the announcements is drowned out. The pitching stable building along left field is still under construction, left uncompleted by the now defunct Hawaii Winter Baseball’s Hilo Stars team (the sign remaining above the door attests to this).

There’s genuine excitement for 2013 as the North America League is actively pursuing expansion with Japan baseball teams, which will make the league an international venue. It’s time for our elected leaders to “step up to the plate” and provide a stadium where both players and fans can truly enjoy professional baseball.

Chris Stevens


Got frogs?

If I remember correctly, when former Mayor Harry Kim asked former Gov. Linda Lingle to release emergency funds to combat the coqui frogs that had just begun to occupy the Island of Hawaii, she said no and that we should find a way to do it ourselves. Well, after all these years, it appears that the coqui frogs are here to stay. Guess what? Hello, Oahu! This is just the beginning.

If only Linda gave Harry the bucks to fight the frogs. But, as her ads say, she is committed to help the people of Hawaii. Yeah, right! What goes around comes around.

R. Arikawa


Thank you, HELCO

Regarding your Tuesday, Sept. 19, front-page article, “HELCO easing the way to solar.”

I have been one of the harshest critics of HELCO for having the highest electric rates in the country/world and for their a‘ole pono renewable energy contracts, both existing and proposed.

However, when HELCO steps up to the bat and does something pono, I want to be the first to commend them. This is my commendation for their new direction and outright support for solar.

Let’s all hope this is a new beginning of aloha and an alliance between the supplier, HELCO, and the user, HELCO ratepayers!

Mahalo nui loa, HELCO.

Bob Ernst

Mountain View


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