Wednesday | November 22, 2017
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Your Views for September 30

I will not wave!

Thank you to all the sign-wavers who support your candidates in the rain or shine. It is great that you express loyalty to your candidate of choice, but does it have to be along our roadways? Let me remind you that I will not wave back to you this upcoming election. Why, you ask?

Well, it’s not because I don’t like your candidate of choice, and it’s not because I want to be rude. What is my motivation? I am choosing to drive with safety in mind. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see smiling, happy faces on my daily journeys, so it is with great sadness that I say, “I will not wave.”

Marcy Martinez


Parking enforcement

On Wednesday, an officer was marking tires on cars parked in the Bayfront parking lot. Thank you! The downtown merchants appreciate the effort to keep the two-hour limit on those parking spots, so that customers and clients can find parking.

The lots across the street are available for all-day parking. I think we can all just get along…

Paul Booth


The real Romney

Forty-seven percent of Americans do not pay taxes. Just ask presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Was Romney including himself in that 47 percent figure? No, because Romney pays 13.5 percent taxes on his millions, while you the lower class people pay around 22 percent.

Pundits will try to spin Romney’s words, and if you are as gullible as Romney thinks you are, then you will undoubtedly believe whatever spin his pundits tell you he meant.

Romney escaped serving his country by going to France until he could get married so he wouldn’t have to serve later. None of his 5 sons served their country even though they were of age.

According to Romney, half of Americans think they are victims. If two people stand next to each other, one is a victim, and they think they are entitled to food and housing.

Romney will never be able to convince one out of every two people in America to take personal responsibility for themselves.

Romney will never be able to convince you to think before voting. If there are any Republicans out there who are not very well off, he was also talking about you, whether you believe it or not.

This is about an American class system — the upper class ruling over the middle- or lower-class Americans. It’s about enabling a class system in America, something Americans always hated about Europe.

If you haven’t seen the video, then watch it if you want to learn about Romney.

Dennis Chaquette


Dangerous sidewalk

During the past year, there has been a steady increase in the number of bicyclists in Lilioukalani Park and Coconut Island. Unfortunately, many of them use the sidewalks, endangering pedestrians, and some of them exhibit a stunning lack of common sense and courtesy. I have seen some of them plowing through groups of tourists on the sidewalks on Lihiwai Street and on the bridge to Coconut Island and even through a group of very small children who were visiting the island.

Bicycles can kill as demonstrated in Honolulu recently where a bicyclist struck and killed an elderly lady who was in a crosswalk. The ramps which were installed on Banyan Drive and Coconut Island to make the park accessible to persons with mobility problems now are also used by bicyclists. And we have the spectacle of skateboarders and small children on tricycles and small carts careening down the ramps. I feel that there are accidents waiting to happen here.

This past July 4, I encountered yet another threat. It was a gloomy, drizzly day and the park was deserted. As I was walking peacefully on a paved path approaching the Coconut Island parking lot, a male jogger slammed into the right side of my body. I was lucky not to be knocked to the pavement. The man did not stop or apologize. When I yelled after him he said that he had expected me to step aside for him!

Since Lihiwai Street was already closed in preparation for the fireworks, there was a police officer nearby and I had a chance to discuss the incident with him. I also brought up the problem I see with the ramps and he agreed that at least signs should be posted, but he expressed the opinion that nothing would be done until someone is injured. So now we can wait to see who that victim will be. Since I have already approached the community police, the disability specialist at Parks and Rec, and the ADA Coordinator with zero results, I know the officer was correct in his analysis.

Adrienne S. Dey



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