Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Your Views for September 5

Eradication works

This is in response to Mr. DeCoito’s Sept. 2 letter concerning the eradication of invasive animal species on the Big Island (Tribune-Herald, Your Views).

Eradication efforts on the Big Island are not meant to take the livelihood away from people who hunt for sustenance. As far as hurting our economy?

I am one of many young people born and raised in Hawaii who was saved from unemployment by the work that conservation provides.

The issue is that pigs multiply at an exponential rate, producing three litters a year with as many as seven piglets per. Eradication is an inaccurate term, if you ask me, as there is very little chance that we will ever completely remove ungulates from the Big Island.

Eradication efforts need to be made because there are simply not enough people that do hunt to control the exploding populations of these animals.

I completely agree that skills like hunting and self-sustenance need to be taught in our schools. Hunting is legal, and there are thousands of acres set aside for the public to do so.

No one I know has ever had a hard time finding a pig to take home there. Still hasn’t made the lines at Safeway any shorter.

Travis Delimont


It takes two

There is an answer to the high cost of power here on our island. It could be called “Aloha Electric Light Co.” Just like when we had two airlines, two power companies can bid for the available energy competitively.

Bob Wahler


Converted critic

It is easy to criticize people. After all, we are human. Billy Kenoi was an easy target when he first became mayor: brash, deaf to those he didn’t know, political to a fault. Billy took the people’s money that was set aside to preserve land for future generations to keep county workers working and voting for him.

It’s hard to eat your own criticisms, but I will. Billy Kenoi has turned his political ship around. Mayor Kenoi’s opposition to the proposed biofuel refinery in Ka‘u is clearly in the people’s interest.

Next thing you know, Billy might propose a municipal energy company, owned by the people, that purchases energy from clean energy producers and distributes that energy to the people at substantially reduced rates and causes substantial economic activity and good jobs on our beautiful island.

Just think, electric vehicles and infrastructure all over our island. Mahalo for leading the way, Billy.

Ron Self



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