Tuesday | January 16, 2018
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Your Views for September 6

A lack of courtesy

People walk their dogs in front of other people’s houses, causing our dogs to bark. It would be OK if it only happened one time, but they will walk by over and over, three or more times, EVERY DAY! Maybe if they lived on the block it would be understandable, but they don’t.

Why do they go out of their way to harass other people’s pets? I think that they should be legally responsible for the stress they cause on the people around them, as well on the animals. I don’t think they would be happy if we passed their house repeatedly every day.

Furthermore, they leave all their dogs’ droppings on the road and on the side of the road. (I believe it is illegal to not clean up.) Is it fair that when I take my dog walking, he get sick because their dogs have worms? They are spreading parasites, which are not only dangerous for other people’s pets, but also for our keiki. I understand wanting to walk your pets, but have some courtesy!

Pick up after your pet. Avoid houses with barking dogs. Take care of your pet’s health.

Thank you to the responsible pet owners out there!

Leialoha Cabral


Late ballots?

Considering all the turmoil regarding the Big Island’s handling of the election, it is interesting that little has been mentioned regarding absentee ballots. It’s the first election I’ve missed in years due to ballots not being received in time. My friend’s was never received, which makes one wonder how many others were never sent or lost, and what effect this might have had on certain candidates.

Gary Turner


Road needs work

I made the drive a few days ago from Hilo to Kona using Saddle Road, which I had not done for a few years.

I had read about the improvements and construction that has taken place, and I was impressed with what has been done so far.

The portion from the Pohakuloa Training Area to the junction of Mamalahoa Highway has been improved somewhat, as far as pavement is concerned, but that segment needs some serious work.

It is not for the faint of heart! Too many drivers take that twisting, one-lane pocked section far too rapidly for comfort.

One thing is missing that I think should be added. The elevation markers that exist on our other highways are missing! I feel that it is time for those to be installed, as I think it would be of relatively low cost and a nice addition to the highway for visitors and those of us who live here.

Gerald DeOreo



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