Thursday | September 21, 2017
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‘Spaceship’ exibit opens at EHCC

Sonja Henrixson’s exhibition of “Spaceship” has opened at East Hawaii Cultural Center. The exhibit runs through Feb. 20.

The white installation of “Spaceship” depicts a rocket with four stages in what appears to be a scene lost and frozen in time. The main tower stands more than 10 feet tall. A chandelier made of round Styrofoam balls hangs from the ceiling and hangs over one of the sections of the rocket that rests on the gallery floor. The hanging piece also evokes the Milky Way.

Henrixson started out as a painter and spent many hours stretching canvas for her paintings. The material she has chosen to make “Spaceship” is canvas, a material traditionally used by painters. She is using the surface used for paintings to become the surface of her sculpture. The four canvas cylinders of the rocket are hand sewn.

Henrixson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and photographs of her childhood living in Honolulu and her clothing are part of the surface of the rockets. Her clothing is painted onto the rockets and evokes the draping of an ancient Greek frieze. Henrixson’s exploration and making of an alternative universe merges boundaries of identity, science and art history.

EHCC is located at 141 Kalakaua St. in Hilo. Call (808) 961-5711.


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