Saturday | June 25, 2016
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Aloha Farms to host Christmas Kirtan celebration

<p>A portrait of Jesus.</p>

Around Christmastime, amid all the holiday bunting, bustling shopping malls and hired Santas, a strange feeling sets in for many, a feeling that could be called “gift-wrapped emptiness,” say the folks at Aloha Farms in Pahoa.

“Though you won’t find it in any psychiatrist’s diagnostic manuals, this feeling has been around since the focus of Christmas shifted from the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ to the specials at Macy’s,” said spokeswoman Celine Logan. “We want to offer you an opportunity to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.”

The celebration will begin at 5 p.m. with Kirtan and dancing to live music. Kirtan is an ancient tradition of singing the names of God congregationally.

“In every scripture of the world, including Psalms in the Bible, we are advised to sing and glorify the names of God,” she explained. “We hope you’ll accept this celebration as our gift to you.” She describes Kirtan as a nonsectarian activity that people of any faith can add to their lives.

The evening will finish off with a home-cooked vegetarian feast and a bonfire. Call 965-9198 for directions and more information.


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