Church members make preparations for emergencies

Members of the Church of the Holy Cross spent time on May 19, Pentecost Sunday, filling emergency preparedness buckets to be stored for use in case of a disaster hitting Hilo.

Items such as scouring pads, a scrub brush, disinfectant wipes, liquid concentrated household cleaner, liquid disinfectant dish soap, a tarp, 100 feet of clothesline, latex gloves, work gloves, dust masks and heavy duty trash bags were packed into resealable five-gallon buckets.

The items were donated by members and friends of the church as well as by HPM Building Supply.

“As the buckets were packed, we were reminded that we share our resources, spiritual blessing and hope with all people in times of need,” said spokeswoman Margaret Torigoe. “Members are also reminded to pack a similar bucket to be kept at home, as well as setting up emergency preparedness kits for the family in case of an emergency.

“Items such as clothing and bedding, tools and supplies, sanitation items, water, food and special items need to be gathered. Suggested lists of items may be found on the Red Cross or the Homeland Security websites.”


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