Tuesday | June 27, 2017
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Education, teaching in films is series focus

Everyone has a favorite or perhaps a not so favorite memory of a teacher or

professor. Join a class on “Education and Teaching as Seen in Films” on

Fridays from 1-4 p.m. April 5 through June 7.

The background on each film and its cast will be given and the film will be


Ten films will cover high school in poor neighborhoods as well as affluent

prep schools, an alternative school, college and even graduate school. Films

focusing on high school include “The Blackboard Jungle” from 1955.

Other films covering the high school experience include “Stand and Deliver” starring Edward James Olmos teaching calculus at a largely Hispanic school where the

unprecedented high achievements of the students are questioned. “Precious” is

set in an alternative school where a 16-year-old girl, abused and

pregnant with her second child, attempts to make a better life for herself.

In a totally different environment, an exclusive east coast prep school is

the setting for “Dead Poet’s Society,” starring Robin Williams as an

inspirational but unorthodox teacher who stirs things up but with mixed

results. In a college setting, Julia Robert’s teaches art at a girl’s college. Set in the 1950’s many of her students admit they attending to get an “Mrs.”

The class is aponsored by the county Department of Parks and Recreation. Cost is $10. The sessions will be held at the Institute for Astronomy at 640 N. Auhoku Place in Hilo. For

further information, contact patsy_otoole@hotmail.com, or call 933-9313.


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