Friday | September 30, 2016
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First independent Hawaiian Christian organization celebrates 160 years

Hoomana Naauao o Hawaii — the first independent Hawaiian Christian organization in the state — quietly celebrated its 160th year recently at the mother church, Ke Alaula oka Malamalama, in Honolulu. At the celebration, officers and other members gathered for the annual pa‘ina, or church convention.

Other Hoomana Naauao o Hawaii churches include Ke Kilohana oka Malamalama in Hilo and Ka Mauloa oka Malamalama in Kurtistown, and Ka Lanakila oka Malamalama and Ka Lokahi oka Malamalama on the island of Lanai.

Participants included Kahu and Hope Kahu of Ke Alaula oka Malamalama, the Revs. Bettina M. Recca and Joseph P. Recca; the Hope Kahu of Ke Kilohana oka Malamalama, the Rev. Melvin Tsubota; and the Kahu and Hope Kahu of Ka Mauloa oka Malamalama, the Revs. Minnie Kaawaloa and Adam Warren, and Kahu of Ke Kilohana oka Malamalama, the Rev. Charles L. Kahawai Sr.


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