Sunday | August 20, 2017
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Hamakua Youth Foundation Ohana Night is Thursday

The Hamakua Youth Foundation invites you to attend their first Ohana Night fundraiser at the Hamakua Youth Center on Thursday, March 7, from 5 to 7 p.m. This is an opportunity to become part of a community led effort to provide essential services, programs, and activities for Honokaa area youth and families.

Expect music to be playing as you enter the center. You’ll have an opportunity to view examples of youth projects, enjoy special entertainment being organized by staff and get a real feel for what is happening daily at the center.

One of the program areas that the Youth Center focuses on is life skills, including learning how to prepare healthy meals. So, in addition to the entertainment, you’ll enjoy some healthy ono food knowing that Youth Center participants were part of the kitchen crew.

Attending this memorable event, you will be making a statement of community support for local youth and become part of the Hamakua Youth Foundation’s ohana and continuing grassroots effort to provide much needed programs and services at the Youth Center.

The Hamakua Youth Foundation Board and Staff look forward to seeing you on March 7. Please call the Youth Center at 775-0976 for more information.


The Ahualoa Community Association will be hosting a meeting regarding fire hydrants and other related issues following the death in December of one of the Ahualoa residents in a house fire. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, at 7 p.m. in the large conference room at NHERC. Representatives of the Mayor’s Office, Fire Department, Department of Water Supply, and Councilwoman Valerie Poindexter have been invited.

All residents of Ahualoa and other interested community members are encouraged to attend. The addition of the new water tank above Ahualoa and the installation of a new transmission line down Old Mamalahoa Highway have raised many questions about the availability of more water. Residents are also interested in the planning process in relation to the new transmission line. Your input is very important to the future development of our community. This is a chance to ask your elected representatives and county fire and water officials all your questions.

Hugh Montgomery, Ph.D., who leads hiking tours for Hamakua-based Hawaiian Walkways and was for years a psychotherapist in north and east Hawaii, will offer a short series of workshops focused on advances in neuroscience that can help people greatly better their lives. The course title is “Practical Steps to a Better Life,” and there will be four sessions on Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8 p.m., beginning March 19.

Hugh says, “Your brain — that three pound lump of tofu-like stuff in your head — is totally amazing; more has been learned in the last 20 years about its operations and capabilities than ever before. Most encouraging, research concludes that we have more choices for our lives, and for a longer span of time, than anyone knew.” Participants will learn processes to help activate their choices to improve life quality based on material presented through various media.

For more information, or to register for the sessions, which cost $40, visit the Waimea Community Education website,, or call 885-1539.


The Hawaii Saddle Club is proud to be offering $500 and $1,000 scholarships to graduating High School Seniors going on to an accredited college or university. These will also be offered to students currently enrolled. Please read through the criteria and eligibility of our scholarships, complete application with all requirements and submit by April 1.

Hawaii Saddle Club, HSC, understands the importance of the youth in the community and is pleased to contribute to their higher education. If anyone has any questions, please contact Peter Andrade at 960-2947.


Historical video footage of WWII military training that occurred in what today is known as the Former Waikoloa Maneuver Area, which encompasses a large portion of Waimea as well as all of Waikoloa and the coastline is part of a new safety video that will be shown the by Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) during the 5:15 p.m., Thursday, March 7, Waimea Community Association Town Meeting in the Waimea School cafeteria. Everyone is welcome to WCA’s Town Meetings and there is no charge for membership or to participate.

Topping the agenda will be an update on the massive ongoing federally funded cleanup of unexploded ordnance (UXO) by the Army Corp of Engineers and their local contractor, Environet. The new film to be shown includes interviews of Waimea community members about this critical cleanup effort and an intense companion educational program about UXO public safety protocols. Environet will provide an update on the work that they are doing in the region.

There will be a brief update by Kevin Balog of Edwin DeLuz Trucking & Gravel LLC, about the transport of eucalyptus logs from the Hamakua Coast to a Kawaihae log yard for Grantham, Mayo and van Otterloo Renewable Resources. (Grantham, Mayo and van Otterloo Renewable Resources division is often called simply GMO RR, but the GMO stands for the initials of the three partners who founded the privately-held investment firm in 1977, when genetic modification wasn’t a reality, or if anything, it was still a research project in biology labs. The RR also might cause consternation, but rather than standing for “Roundup Ready,” it’s about “Renewable Resources,” because the division that the company formed in 1997 focuses on forestry.)

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