Friday | November 24, 2017
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Hawaiian school links to Japan

Nawahiokalaniopuu Hawaiian language school has built a unique relationship with Harase School in Japan this year. It involves exchanging letters in two languages and in three writing systems.

Nawahi’s Japanese program is one of the strongest in the state. All grades 1-6 students study Japanese about 60 hours per year. They also learn a unique method of reading and writing Hawaiian using the Japanese writing system. Nawahi students recently exchanged letters with their new friends in both Japanese and Hawaiian using kanji, hiragana, and Roman letters.

Nawahi Japanese teacher Kimiko “Pilialoha” Smith established the friendship and intercultural exchange program between the schools. It’s designed to foster ties of friendship, mutual understanding and respect among students through sharing with, and learning from each other. Students exchange letters, videos and greeting cards, and learn about each other’s language and culture. Everyone is excited and appreciative of this new friendship and cultural exchange opportunity.


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