Monday | December 05, 2016
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Iraq War vet discusses PTSD, suicide, other veteran issues

Hawaii Iraq War veteran Scott Albright, a former Marine, has written a book, “Veterans Notes, Bloggery of an Iraq War Vet.” Visit or Amazon to purchase the book.

“On March 19, 2003, the U.S. military launched one of the most massive land invasions in the history of warfare,” he writes. “Ten years later many of the same American soldiers and Marines who served during that invasion are now missing limbs, dead from suicide, medicated for psychological disorders, unemployed, or struggling with little income and piles of debt. He takes readers on “a fragmented and sometimes disturbing journey through 10 years of issues ranging from veterans’ health and education to information operations, humanitarian assistance and the morality of war.”

Learn about his personal battle with PTSD, and how his father, also a former Marine, struggled with his own mental dilemmas after returning to Vietnam some 40 years after his first visit to the country as a wartime combatant.

“Veterans Notes” provides a unique perspective on issues soldiers face after serving in war zones before returning to “normal” civilian life. Albright said he wants to bring those issues home “so readers can better understand America’s heroes and start making the changes necessary to prevent the country from going through it all again.”


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