Tuesday | October 17, 2017
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Jean Curtis Fund helps pay for chest X-rays

The Jean Curtis Fund helps to prevent delay of life-saving chest X-rays for people who might not receive an X-ray due to income level, insurance status or the perception by a patient’s referring physician or health care provider that a chest X-ray may be too expensive or inconvenient for the patient.

George Curtis, her husband, established the fund in memory of his late wife to support X-rays of the lung for those who cannot afford this service.

“If you need to receive a chest X-ray and do not have insurance or the income for this service, the Jean Curtis Fund will help remove this barrier to care for you by supporting the costs associated with such service,” explained Kamuela Bannister, the senior development specialist at Bay Clinic.

Funds received by the Jean Curtis Fund go toward payment of chest X-rays administered by area radiologists.

“While these funds have been available for Bay Clinic patients for the past three years, they are now open to the rest of the public,” said Bannister. “Patients who are concerned about radiation, need to keep in mind that chest X-rays are of low dose and may very well save your life.”

“One of my wife’s wishes was to encourage people to get a chest X-ray if they were having problems in the chest which do not respond promptly to treatment,” said Curtis. “When her doctor finally ordered a chest X-ray, it was easy to see that her ongoing problem was cancer — which may have been diagnosed early with a simple X-ray.

“What we want to do, is prevent delays in getting proper evaluation so that lives can be saved,” said Curtis.

Persons needing assistance in paying for a chest X-ray may contact Bannister at 934.3273 for information on how to apply.


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