Friday | July 01, 2016
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Learn how to prevent falls

<p>The 10th six-week session of the fall prevention program at Life Care Center of Hilo has been completed. During a session, Ellie Trumble, physical therapist and manager of the Life Care Center of Hilo Outpatient Therapy Clinic, provided information on breathing for each of the participants.</p>

The fall prevention program coordinated by Life Care Center of Hilo Social Service staff completed 10 six-week sessions.

Almost 100 participants graduated from the program by showing a commitment to avoiding falls in their future.

Participants all improved in their balance score by 0.1 to 4.1 difference.

Every 10th counts at this level when you realize that a fall can lead to a costly fracture, according to the Life Care Center. The cost of a fracture is not just medical bills but includes emotional and social complications; a loss of independence that can linger.

The participants attended six classes and completed an exercise routine daily in their home.

University of Hawaii School of Pharmacy, Clinical Laboratories, the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association provided free presentations on factors to reduce falls.

Life Care Center of Hilo Nursing, Social Service, Dietary and Rehabilitation staff gave their expert time and support to provide education to the participants.

The Life Care Social Service staff is registering those community members interested in participating in the next six-week session.

There is a voluntary donation of $25 for each participant. Call Social Service, 959-9151 for more information.


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