Wednesday | May 04, 2016
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Local animal sanctuary needs critter feeders

The Tasha Ohana Animal Sanctuary in mauka Hilo is home to more than 70 dogs, 200 cats and six trained pigs.

That’s a lot of animals to feed every day, and animal-loving volunteers are always welcomed.

These days, the nonprofit shelter could really use a hand — several hands, actually.

“Our primary feeder recently fractured her right shoulder in a few places when she fell inside one of the dog kennels. Naturally, she’s in a lot of pain and will have her arm immobilized in a sling for at least eight weeks,” said volunteer Rosemary Karlsson. “We sure could use some extra help feeding the cats and dogs.”

“The animals come to the sanctuary when no other options are available except euthanasia,” said Karlsson. “Big Island residents bring animals to the shelter because they know that Tasha Ohana will provide a safe and healthy environment on more than 13 acres of land for the animals to live their lives.”

“When possible, adoption homes are found, but if not, no animal is put down unless it is sick or has a poor quality of life.” If you can assist, please call 959-4534.

The public is invited to view photos of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted at


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