Monday | April 27, 2015
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Natural Honey Challenge

The third annual Hawaiian Natural Honey Challenge (HNHC) will be held in conjunction with the Hilo Harvest Festival on Nov. 10 in downtown Hilo.

This year’s Hilo Harvest Festival is dedicated to honeybees and beekeeping, and beekeepers from throughout the state are encouraged to submit entries of their favorite liquid, solid and/or comb honeys for judging at this event.

The drop-dead date for submissions to the Challenge is Oct. 26. Anything received after that date will be returned to the sender unopened. This means that to receive the necessary forms, you need to contact the registrar at well ahead of time.

All contestants will receive a summary of the judge’s evaluation. Winners will receive a certificate and a sheet of stickers that may be affixed to their labels indicating that they won an award at this year’s Challenge. Winners may also purchase a Challenge T-shirt imprinted with the words “Award Winner.”

The Hawaiian Natural Honey Competition is the only event of its type in the United States that we are aware of, that focuses exclusively on honey in its natural state, and which does not give a priority to appearance over other characteristics.

For further information, or to receive an entry packet, please email


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