Sunday | November 29, 2015
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Open burning not permitted

Do you know that open (backyard) burning is not allowed in the state of Hawaii? Do you also know that violators of the open burning rule could also be fined up to $10,000 per day?

Open burning does not apply to cooking, fire training and agricultural burning by permit issued by the state Department of Health. Additional restrictions and allowances can be found in Hawaii Administrative Rules, 11-60.1-51, Air Pollution or you may call 933-0404 (Hilo) or 322-1965 (Kona). Visit

“Let’s keep Hawaii’s air clean. If you are bothered by smoke from open burning, inform them of the rule or call the Department of Health ...,” said Hawaii Public Health Educator Lenard Allen. During weekends, holidays or after hours, call the Hawaii Police Department at 935-3311 or the Fire Department at 961-8336.


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