Pahoa man releases new book

David Iwata of Pahoa, a carpenter by day and a heavy metal drummer for the band Judeix by night, just realized a big dream: He got his book published. The author describes his “The Old Man and the Wolf” as a 264-page “fictional drama with a mystical twist.”

The Larry Czerwonka Co. of Hilo has published the book, which the author dedicates to his mother and son, “for never giving up” on him.

How did he find the time to write?

“David is an ex con making up for lost time his whole life, being in and out of nine different prisons in the State of California, including Folsom, Eagle Mountain, Donavan, etc., for drug-related issues, etc., as well as smuggling illegal aliens across the Mexican border,” said Laura Iwata, David’s wife. “He was about to make it to the ‘big time’ in the 1980s as a drummer for the bands Wildcats and The Law, but drugs, alcohol and the whole Hollywood scene got the best of him.

“Not until 2004, when he talked to Pastor Ron Brav of Calvary Chapel here in Hilo and accepted Jesus into his heart, had a dramatic turnaround and then went back to California and turned himself in for ‘leaving without permission,’” said Mrs. Iwata. “Now clean and sober for eight years, he works hard and keeps busy on positive things.”

The book — which Iwata wrote in prison 10 or so years ago — will be available on his website,, and also can be purchased at


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