Parker School wins debate sweepstakes trophy on Oahu

The Parker School debate team, the current state champions, won the sweepstakes trophy at the Debate Non-Qualifying Tournament at University Lab School on Oahu on Oct. 12. The sweepstakes trophy goes to the school with the largest number of winning ballots and Parker, one of 13 schools that participated in the tournament, finished with 81 winning ballots. Punahou came in second with 40.

Twenty-seven of the 32 Parker School debaters received a certificate attesting to a “superior” rating for the tournament. The top Parker finishers were as follows: the teams of Michael Note and Maia Tarnas, Luke Potter and Jaren Ashcraft, and Nya Phillips and Kyley Nishimura, all scored 5-1 in Advanced Public Forum Debate; Dash Cotton scored 6-0 and Savannah Harriman-Pote, 5-1, in Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate; and Josh Yost, Carrie Hiller and Sivan Najita, all scored 5-1 in Championship Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Parker Headmaster Carl Sturges, also the school’s debate coach, said, “I’m very impressed with the competitive attitude that our kids are bringing to interscholastic debate. Their desire to win makes them work hard to prepare for tournaments.”

The next tournament will be held Nov. 16 at St. Louis School on Oahu. For more information, please visit


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