Saturday | August 27, 2016
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Showcase x3 opens First Friday at the Red Space

The corner of Kilauea and Mamo Street in downtown Hilo once again will be a bustling highlight of the First Friday Art Walk. Featuring the work of Linda Peterson, Diane Thornton and Bea Israel, the Red Space opens its doors at 5 p.m. on Friday for an opening reception. The show can be seen until Oct. 11.

An author and illustrator with a background in graphic design, Thornton has lived in the Puna District since 2009, where she has focused on tropical and Hawaiian themes. Her playful illustrative style can be found in her fine art creations, with images ranging from abstracts to florals. The exhibit will feature Thornton’s watercolor and inks as well as some of her box paper mosaics.

Peterson has been showing her paintings at several galleries on the Big Island and developed a growing community of fans with her recognizable technique and imagery. The self-taught artist never ceases to discover new ways to translate her ideas into tangible creations and works in a range of media with new surprises always just around the corner.

Known primarily for her wood burnings, Israel is showing her latest oil and acrylic paintings. Abstracts, dreamy underwater scenes and touches of surrealism will be on display, showing another side of the award-winning wood artist.

All three met as members of Puna T.A.G. (Traveling Art Group), founded by Peterson and Thornton in 2010 and have been friends ever since. Each artist has a different path and expression, but all are inspired by the nature and energy of the Big Island and agree there is no other place on Earth like it.


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