Sunday | January 22, 2017
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Social Workers commended for good works

Last month, Mayor Billy Kenoi commending Big Isle social workers for their good works in the community and thanked them for their dedication, Kenoi proclaimed March as Social Work Month, in keeping with the month-long national observance.

Kenoi noted that social workers dedicate their lives to being advocates, educators, counselors and more.

The International Association of Schools of Social Work and International Federation of Social Workers, in 2001, stated: “The social work profession promotes social change, problem-solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. Utilizing theories of human behavior and social systems, social work intervenes at the point where people interact with their environments. Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work.”

The main tasks of professional social workers are case management, medical social work, counseling (psychotherapy), human services management, social welfare policy analysis, community organizing, advocacy and teaching.

Professional social workers work in a variety of settings, including: nonprofit or public social service agencies, grassroots advocacy organizations, hospitals, hospices, community health agencies and schools.


faith-based organizations, and even the military.

Other social workers work as psychotherapists, counselors, or mental health practitioners, normally working in coordination with psychiatrists, psychologists or other medical

professionals. Additionally, some social workers have chosen to direct the

focus of their efforts on social policy or academic research toward the

practice or ethics of social work.


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