Friday | August 26, 2016
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Trash fashion show celebrates creativity

<p>Photo by SEAN KING</p><p>The first-place winner of the 2012 Hilo Haute Trash Fashion Show was “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” modeled by Fey VanCamp.</p>

The 2012 Hilo Haute Trash Fashion Show was held Oct. 20 at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii.

The winner were:

Winners of the 2012 Hilo Haute Trash Fashion Competition:

In the kids category all four contestants were winners. The grand prize went to Marianna Low, 6, in her “Litterina the Ballerina” trash bag dress she created with her brother Dylan, 9. Dylan also modeled his own “Knight in Not So Shiny Armor,” and they were joined by older brother Gabriel, 11, in his “Paper Cowboy” creation. Six-year-old Malia Meilke-Hart of Hawi was an equestrian vaulter in her beautiful dress she called “Pegasus,” created from a purple horse food bag.

In the adult category, first place went to Gil Mendez for his haute couture gown “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” created from an old blue tarp, some rubbish swim fins and plastic ribbon detailing swirling across the full length gown to represent the oceanic gyres. The piece was modeled by Fey VanCamp. Second place went to Aileen Wilkie, aka Miss Disposed, and her self-modeled design “Pretty Polly Propylene,” created from the colorful strips of feed bags left over after she makes her signature DirtyOldBag recycled shopping bags. Third place went to Craig Habab and his whimsical design “Painting the Roses Red,” inspired by a scene in “Alice in Wonderland.” It was created from Target bags, photo paper and bottle caps, and was modeled by Lexi Pogline.

Other contestants were: Fourth place — Reiko Yamamoto, who designed and modeled a beautiful “Rose Red Cocktail Gown,” created from red onion bags and single-use plastic shopping bags with little styrofoam roses; Fifth place — Diane Renchler, “Move Over Little Black Dress and Make Room for Something Greener … the Little Brown Paper Bag Dress,” modeled by Joann Garrigan; Sixth place — Chelley Edwards, aka Plastika, wore her garbage gown created from single-use plastic bags saved by a family of three for one year; Seventh place — Paula Vickery, aka Ms. Boobie Bird, who wore a pink gown she created to celebrate October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and her fourth year being cancer free. Vickey’s design included a grand finale of balloons that popped out from under the skirt.

The second half of the show featured designs from “professional” Haute Trash Fashion Designers from the Big Island and the mainland. Designers included from the Big Island Rayona Visqueen, aka Robin Worley, emcee and producer of the event with several pieces, including two that were created from work gloves collected at her cousin’s heart of palm farm, Puna Gardens, in Kurtistown. Also on hand was Recyclarella, aka Raven Joy Phillips of Puna, who has also been a part of Haute Trash since it’s early days in California. She made a gown for her model, Malama Opala, out of all her old trash fashion photos that were starting to stick together from dampness. Miss Disposed, the newest member of the Haute Trash Team, had an elegant frock cut from duty free shopping bags in the second half. A handful of designers were also collected from afar, with several other detritus designs, including Prima Debris, aka Kathi Griffis, Elvira Mental Werks, aka Judy Neilsen, and Shaun Muscolo from California, and Anna Dicklhuber and Dress for the Revolution, aka Mary Welch, of Seattle, Wash.

Judges were Jody Haugh of ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, Jesse Law of Sustainable Products Hawaii, and Yisa Var, editor of Big Island Weekly.


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