Thursday | November 23, 2017
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WHS to honor pioneers of Hawaiian renaissance

At its annual May Day celebration, Waiakea High School will honor all of the pioneers who have led the movement to reawaken the Hawaiian culture. The public is invited to the program at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 29, in the WHS Gym. Tickets are $5 in advance from WHS students, or call 974-4888, ext. 362. Tickets also will be sold at the door. A concession booth will be open.

“Waiakea High School will be celebrating efforts and perseverance to reawaken

pride in traditional Hawaiian culture, a time in modern Hawaiian history

referred to as the Hawaiian Renaissance,” said spokeswoman Sheri Kojima. “The students will be presenting movements that include the resurgence of new expressions through Hawaiian music, the reestablishment of Hawaiian language, the retracing of pacific

navigation through the voyages of Hokule‘a, the reclaiming and protection

of Kahoolawe from U.S. bombing practice, as well as the importance of hula

through the Merrie Monarch Festival.

“Hawaiian culture has undergone tremendous changes due to the influx of

western arrivals. Though the culture has met with challenges at every stage

in history, the language survives which contributes to a current confidence

in what is truly Hawaiian,” said Kojima. “Because of the perseverance of young Hawaiian

scholars and dreamers in the 20th century, students can now stand proudly ….

“We are very excited to present a different kind of May Day celebration and

appreciate all pioneers that have led us to continue in this spirit to

reawake the culture and live as proud Hawaiians.”


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