Thursday | May 26, 2016
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DOE conducting survey

The state Department of Education is asking parents of Hawaii public school students to complete and return to their school a federal census survey card that was sent home on Sept. 4. The annual survey determines the number of federally connected students in the public school system for whom the state receives impact aid funds. These funds provide partial reimbursement to the state for local tax loss resulting from tax-free federal installations.

“Federal impact funds are critical to support our students, educators and the overall operation of our schools,” said Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi. “All parents are encouraged to complete and return the cards.”

During the 2011-12 school year, the state accounted for more than 30,000 federally connected students and received more than $80 million — or an average of nearly $2,700 per student — in federal impact aid the following school year. The amount represents about 20 percent of the state’s average per-pupil expenditure.

Parents should contact their school in case they have not yet received a survey card. Cards should be filled out and turned in as soon as possible, ideally by September. However, schools will accept the cards throughout the school year.


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